A little indulgence without the guilt from Lauryn Rose!

Now wouldn’t that be a Win/Win situation.

Isn’t there a saying about not being able to truly love anyone until you love yourself (or something like that)? Well I’ve decided that from now on, I intend to love myself a little bit more!

Treats are nice. They are good for the soul. Mums and Dads (and in my case, Aunties) will regularly deny themselves all sorts of things for the sake of the kids. They will forfeit new items for themselves so as to make a purchase of an adorable pair of shoes or a funky top for their little ones(which we all know they grow out of within a month!

There are lots of things you can do with a little imagination, which don’t always involve spending a ton of cash, if you wish to be good to yourself, even just a little.

*Get some exercise. There is nothing like the adrenalin boost after a good gym session or a run to raise your spirits.

* A walk in a beautiful spot will do the trick. The great outdoors is there for the taking!

*Have a bath rather than a shower. Fill it with bubbles or smelly stuff which will make you feel like it’s a great indulgence.

*Try and find a corner of the house for even 5 minutes and float away with a few pages of a book or listen to some of your favourite music

*Find someone to look after the kids for an hour and have a coffee with a friend. Or maybe even nicer – GO ON YOUR OWN!

*Or just do it. Buy yourself that treat. That ONE thing you’ve been lusting after. Sometimes it’s ok to simply be in the moment and deal with the consequences after the event! A moment of regret is a moment wasted!

Still, if you are anything like me, even when you do manage to convince yourself you deserve a little something for yourself – be it a little time alone or a material “something nice” –  it is almost always followed by that sense of overwhelming guilt! It’s not always rational, but it always creeps in!

If you know me at all, you will know that I am a magpie. If anyone I know is wearing some new piece of jewellery, I will be attracted to it from 100 paces and will not rest until I find its source! I think that I may even have been a princess in my former life. In fact, there are some who say I still believe I am!

So, when I recently caught sight of a new jewellery e-boutique called Lauryn Rose, I had the usual struggle with myself as to whether it was really that important that I pay my phone bill or just go ahead and splurge!

And, to make it even harder to resist, 10% of all their sales go to Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice, a charity very close to my heart . Problem solved – get some sparkle and at the same time help to providesome support to children with life limiting illness and their families

There are a number of collections available from Lauryn Rose for Spring/Summer including all you’ll desire in terms of bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. As you will see from my examples, each collection is unique and still completely timeless. The coloured gems are strikingly bright and beautiful. I am a July “baby” and the Ruby pieces are mouth-watering! I know where I am sending my friends when the birthday comes around!

The Summer Cocktail Collection (from €175)


The Dusk until Dawn Glamour collection  (from €60)


The Ocean Opulence Collection (from €145)


The new Distinct Collection (from €30)


Each piece is beautifully crafted and effortlessly bridges the gap between high end and high street fashion.  There is no hiding these vibrant pieces. They are not understated. But, they are stunning. By wearing them, you can show the world that you love yourself too!

Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice provides care for children with life limiting illness. You can donate to Laura Lynn here 

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