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“Sorry it’s taken so long to write.

We had been suffering for months with a child that wouldn’t sleep through the night. Each night she would go down ok but would wake during the night & scream (& scream & scream). She would stay awake for anywhere between 1 & 3 hours. The only way to get her back to sleep was to lie with her on the floor, wrapped in a duvet.

Finally, one night we were at the end of our tether. I looked up Niamh & sent her a message. Niamh quickly took us under her wing, listened to the specifics of the problem & made a plan with us of what we needed to do. What Niamh advised was kind, gentle & loving both for baby & us.

So, the night came & we started the bedtime routine Niamh had developed for our little one (& us). We followed the instructions to the letter & 10 minutes later little lady was fast asleep in her cot, with a lot less fuss than we imagined. When she woke that night, we again followed Niamh’s instructions (though hubby wasn’t too pleased I turned on the light to read them @ 2am). There was a bit of fuss, but again, less than we thought. She was asleep again in 15 minutes. Way better than the 1-3 hours we had been dealing with for the past few months.

The next night it took only 3 return visits to the room & about 5 minutes before the little lady dropped off. And when she woke during the night, we hesitated before we went charging in & she settled herself back to sleep ON HER OWN. We couldn’t believe it.
Now, that’s not to say there aren’t nights that she is a little harder to settle; but we use Niamh’s plan & stick to it.

It’s about 3 weeks since we contacted Niamh & we’re sticking with the plan & it’s working. We’ve had more full nights sleep in the past 3 weeks than I’d say for the preceding year. We’re delighted & no longer totally exhausted.

If I have a regret it would be that we didn’t contact Niamh sooner. She truly is a sleep genie. Lack of sleep is not used as a method of torture for no reason; it really is so difficult to put up with & affects every aspect of your day.

Thank you Niamh, we sincerely appreciate your help.

A no longer totally exhausted mum!”

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