Clocks going back -Avoid a madhouse!

Just a quick post on the best ways of dealing with the upcoming clock change.

A simple hour change can (but not always) throw their sleep pattern off for up to a week.

Get your little ones to go to bed 15 mins later every few days, for a few days leading up to it

It’s not too late after the event – so even if you forget until D-Day, you should catch up within a week,

Best way to approach it is without fear and apprehension….as adults, we become obsessed with the amount of hours sleep we get. Infants are reliant on our guidance and don’t get much of a say in the matter! There’s no point putting them down too much later than their normal bedtime, quite often they will be overtired and the wheels fall off!!! Although get them up at the same time each morning. That way, by the time the clocks actually change, the child has no idea and as a parent, you’ve adjusted (in your own head) to the idea of losing an hour sleep

Same rules apply when the clocks go forward in Spring….the only change is that for a few days before, get your baby and toddler to bed 15 mins earlier each day.

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