Ooly – a new way to get some Toddler Sleep

Ooly might be the new kid on the block in terms of getting some Toddler Sleep,but already it is creating quite a stir!


Who or what is Ooly?

Ooly Logo

Ooly Logo

Ooly is potentially a new way to get some Toddler Sleep in your house! I spotted it the other day in my facebook feed and immediately was attracted to it. If you know me at all, you will know I am not really one for gimmicks and products when it comes to sleep but even I know that there are times when a little gentle persuasion in the form of a novelty, can really help matters.

Use your phone to download the app and get things started. Ooly’s main job is to help your children to learn when its time for bed, and crucially when its time to get up!

Ooly Front

Ooly Front

Ooly Back

Ooly Back

Could this be the end to late night toddler parties or those way too early invitations to start the day?


One of the features I really like is that unlike some of the other clock-type products on the market, your little ones are not going to be able to change the time on it. I know one of my nieces was a fiend for changing hers when she was younger. Drove her parents crazy.



Another nice feature is that Ooly doesn’t emit that blue light we are hearing about recently, which can be disruptive to sleep.  You simply pick one of the available colours for overnight.




I also mentioned this product on my Facebook Page lastnight. One of my followers commented that (quite rightly) they wouldnt be too keen to have wifi signals so close to their childs’ body while the slept.  Ooly were quick to reply and explain that they use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to solve the issue.

BLE is used in many many healthcare applications. They also reminded me that Ooly doesnt need to use its radio all the time. Its really just for the initial set-up part!These colours were highly researched by the founders of Ooly and are scientifically proven to promote healthy sleep. Then, your child picks their favourite colour from the selection. When Ooly turns that colour, its time to get up!

Toddlers LOVE to be in control. Ooly lets them think they are the boss, but we all know only mum and dad can manipulate things behind the scenes and actually theyre not in control at all – YOU are! But little ones will think they have a little bit of responsibility when it comes to bedtime and getting up. It’s a win/win for the whole house!

Ooly can also help with bedtime routines by allocating colours for pre-bedtime rituals. You can change the colours to suit story-time and winding down after the day.


Ooly are a start-up company and will be crowdfunding on Indiegogo in November.

I am really interested to see how this turns out!

For more information, visit www.ooly123.com


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