Pampers and Sleep – New Mums survey

Pampers have just published their results of a recent survey with Irish mums to try and find out how they really feel – about lots of things!

The results were interesting – particularly those relating to sleep – or lack thereof!

* having a lie-in is the best support loved ones can give to Mums (perhaps an idea for Mother’s Day – although I do think that should be a rule, if not the law!)

* 75% of mums wake more than their baby during the night in anticipation of their baby’s cry! (I know  this to  be true just from talking to parents but gosh, think of all those lovely zzzzz’s wasted!)

The survey says that “More than half (56%) of Irish mums wake up more than their baby during the night and cited they wake an average of 1-3 times per night while a further third (36%) wake between 3-6 times a night. With so many disruptions during the night, no wonder almost half (46%) of Mums voted having a lie-in as the best support loved ones can give”.

Sometimes choosing the right nappy for your little one can be helpful in the search for a good nights’ sleep. Babies waking due to discomfort or leaky nappies can be disruptive to everyone and no one wants their baby to be uncomfortable be it day or night. Pampers nappies have unique Micro Pearls™ whic can absorb up to 30 times their own weight and will keep moisture away from your baby’s soft skin. This helps to rule out wetness as one of the many reasons why babies wake overnight!

Pampers are looking for parents to share their Pearls of wisdom with others.  Visit or tweet @Pampers_UK and use #BabySleep to be in with the chance of winning a pack of Pampers Baby-Dry nappies. See for T&Cs.

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