We used to dread going to bed. After spending two years being woken up several times every night by our youngest daughter, we could no longer function properly. Help arrived in the shape of Niamh. From the moment we met, we were reassured that our lives would change for the better. How true this turned out to be. Niamh reviewed our daughter’s bedtime routine and made some common sense changes to provide us with a proper structure. The results were startling. With some work, patience and persistence, by night three our daughter slept through the night for the first time in two years (and so did we). Niamh provided constant support throughout the whole process and kept us focused through the tougher moments. Don’t get me wrong, our daughter has her moments, but this no longer fazes us! We know what we are doing and we are confident in the process. To anyone who is experiencing sleeping difficulties with their children I would say stop what you are doing and enlist the help of Niamh. Like us, you will never look back.
(C., Dublin)

I would like to share my story about how Niamh has helped me and her complete love of her work helping families. I first contacted Niamh when my son was four weeks old. I was at my wits’ end from lack of sleep and my three-year-old daughter feeling like she was totally put out from the arrival of her new baby brother. My daughter was a total textbook baby and I thought my son would fall into a routine as easily as she did but I couldn’t have been more wrong. My son had a great daytime routine and cluster fed all night long and as I was breastfeeding I was so worn out. I started to offer bottles to see would it help. I tried every trick in the book and nothing worked. I emailed Niamh and she phoned me back the next morning. I was over the moon to say the least when I heard her voice and her kind words that I was not a bad mother, that every baby is different. She reassured me and gave me tips on how to handle my three-year-old and keep her involved with her new brother. It worked a treat but as my son was born such a big baby he was still feeding through the night. I contacted her again when my son was twenty-four weeks and explained his routine and she followed up with me on some very helpful tips and ideas and reassured me that it wasn’t hunger – it was more likely to be a habit and that was why he was waking up. I followed her tips and within a week he was sleeping through the night, my toddler was sleeping on in the mornings and the whole family was feeling back to normal. I just couldn’t believe it. It was like someone had sent me an angel from heaven! I just couldn’t believe this person who I contacted would help us out so much. She never pushed anything on me or made me feel like I was doing anything wrong. She made me feel like I was doing my best and that everything would fall into place and she was so right. I was blessed to have found and got in contact with her.
(J., Cork)

Niamh is a very kind and professional woman with a lot of love for her work and helping families. I hope any parent out there who needs some help or support will get in contact with her. She has helped my family so much.
(P., Limerick)

We got in touch with Niamh at The Nursery when our six month-old was waking on the hour every hour and we were totally exhausted. We wondered how a consultation could change things but it certainly did! Niamh was perfectly professional but extremely understanding and non-judgmental. We loved her controlled ‘comforting’ rather than controlled crying approach as it meant that our baby never really got into an extreme state of distress and she knew that we were there to comfort her but had changed the goalposts a bit so that we, the grown-ups, were regaining control! Niamh showed a genuine interest in us by following up for the next week with calls or texts (with advice where needed) each morning. She was very approachable post-consultation, which was really valuable to us, and there was no extra cost for this service. All in all we would highly recommend Niamh – she made a huge improvement in our lives and indeed our little baby’s. As she would say in her own words, the greatest gift that you can give to a child is sleep and the ability to settle themselves on their own. I would echo that sentiment but add that Niamh, by doing so, also gives a gift to the parents.
(U., Dublin)

We reached out to Niamh in order to get our toddler to be able to fall asleep on his own, in his bed and stay there for the night! As it stood, one of us was sharing a bed with him every night and god forbid we tried to have some time for ourselves. Our toddler ruled the roost when it came to bedtime and to be honest it was starting to really drain us both. We needed some expert advice which came in the form of Niamh. Godsend, lifesaver, whatever you want to call her, she gave us our life back. But most importantly our toddler is much happier and sleeping all night in his own bed.
(K., Wicklow)

When I encountered sleep issues with my second son, I did not hesitate in contacting Niamh as a highly regarded professional in this field. I have found Niamh to be an exceptional and gifted individual. She encompasses a rare blend of qualities – Niamh is professional and dedicated, yet also warm, friendly and humorous. She is honest, reliable and enthusiastic. A natural communicator, Niamh relates easily to parents and children alike. Kind, yet firm, Niamh’s holistic approach to the entire family unit benefits all. Parents appreciate her encouragement and non-judgmental manner. Her simple and attainable methods have instant and lasting results, with no negative side effects. Niamh is passionate about her work and achieving a favourable outcome for her clients. She is a pleasure to deal with and my family is testament to the success of her work.
(A., Dublin)

When my son was about four months old I was all over the place with his routine. As in, he didn’t have one that made sense! My biggest issues were his naps and general afternoon activities. I contacted Niamh through a friend and she went through my whole day with me and made several suggestions such as shortening his early morning nap to get better value out of the lunchtime nap. This alone was a life-saver! I really couldn’t see the woods for the trees and I was exhausted! Niamh was not only kind and really listened to me, but her advice was practical and made so much sense. Sometimes the advice from someone who has the knowledge but is not a family member is better received!! I never looked back and made contact several more times with Niamh about other issues with my son and she was always ready to listen and talk.
(R., Meath)

Niamh was an invaluable resource to us as first-time parents. In particular, she helped us get our daughter back into a good sleeping routine after we had gone through a rough patch of sleepless nights due to bad habits creeping in! We have not looked back since and will always be so grateful for all of the practical and really helpful tips that Niamh gave us. She really is ‘SuperNiamhy’!
(S., Dublin)