“As a (nearly) 30 year old, single woman with no children, and not being a mother myself it can be daunting when a friend comes to you for support with the problems they are facing as a mother. Obviously, as with any friendship it’s as much about being there for […]

Testimonial 1

EARLY RISERS As you may be aware early morning awakenings has a lot to do with what happened the day before, and often it can lead to a catch 22 situation where you child has a poor night’s sleep then sleeps badly during the day. An early riser generally wakes […]

Early Risers

I was asked by Eumom and Supervalu to write a piece about napping for 9 month olds. It is on the website and thought I would share it here too Enjoy and hope you find it helpful N It’s no secret how important sleep is to us (as adults). […]

Nap time and Routine for 9 mth olds

Disclaimer! I do not and have never claimed to be a breastfeeding expert.  I am simply sharing information based on my experiences.  My sister is a midwife so we have had a few conversations on the subject! I am constantly asked for tips when mums feel the time has come […]

Weaning – Breast to Bottle

This piece first appeared in Pregnancy and Parenting Magazine in May 2012….. “I thought this was supposed to be a holiday – I am more stressed out than ever!” The Summer is fast approaching and we are all looking forward to getting a break away from our normal lives.  We […]

Travelling with Young Children

I was recently asked by irish Parent Magazine to write for their Summer 2012 edition.  The theme was centred around the upcoming Olympics and the idea was to give Top Tips to New Mums. Hope you enjoy it! “Dear Mummy, I’m on my way! You have spent the last nine […]