Testimonial 1

“As a (nearly) 30 year old, single woman with no children, and not being a mother myself it can be daunting when a friend comes to you for support with the problems they are facing as a mother. Obviously, as with any friendship it’s as much about being there for someone as an emotional sounding board. That being said you can feel a bit lost when you are unable to offer any practical solution for them. This very situation arose for our group of friends over Christmas. We were having our annual ladies dinner and one of the girls (let’s call her B), who has a 3 year old boy and a new baby girl admitted that she was very distressed as she was having severe difficulty getting her youngest to sleep at ALL. As B’s husband works away for long periods this was taking a severe emotional, mental and physical toll on her.

Having personally known Niamh for years a few of us suggested to her that the service she offers might be just the thing for the trouble M was facing. The issue continued unsolved for a couple of months and eventually in March (for B’s birthday) a few of us grouped together and bought her a consultation with Niamh as a present. Very shortly after we received an email with the subject line ‘Heaven’, detailing that her little girl was finally sleeping. She’s since said that it feels like she has a whole new baby – one who sleeps and smiles and is happy.

To be able to give this as a gift to a friend (or brother, sister, cousin!) was the most wonderful feeling”

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