Behaviour and Sleep Sessions

Sleep and behaviour sessions (and the links between the two) are often something parents ask me about.

With that in mind, myself and Aoife Lee of Parent Support, have started to run a number of sessions in my rooms in Monkstown.


Our next session is on November 9th from 7.30pm to 9.30pm and places are limited.

Aoife Lee is an accredited parents coach and runs She offers parents easy to learn skills and a variety of parenting tools that she knows are effective and practical. They can help parents build a calmer and happier home!

You know all about me, but my part of the session will focus on establishing good sleep habits – looking at why things might go bump in the night and working out whether sleep coaching might be an option for you and your family

Looking at everything from good sleep habits and bedtime routines to why children act out and what we can do to help them. We challenge parents to look at their role in getting the balance right. Our behaviour and sleep sessions could be the perfect option for you!

For information about upcoming courses, please contact or