The Nursery

Ireland Has a New SuperNanny – And She’s More than just a Fairy Godmother!

Bringing a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to help you in your child’s first special years with the confidence you need to overcome any hurdle, Niamh O’Reilly combines the practicality of Mary Poppins, the humour of Mrs Doubtfire and the magic of Nanny McPhee to bring you back from the brink of total sleep deprivation and the constant stress and worry from the daily toil of being a Mum or Dad.

Niamh’s book, “No Fuss Baby and Toddler Sleep” (Mercier Press), was a national bestseller in its first week of publication (May 2015).

With approx 75,000 babies born in Ireland in 2010 that makes for a lot of exhausted, harassed, and emotionally drained parents wandering around trying to make sense of the new found world they find themselves in! Parenthood is easy if you have literally nothing else to do for the next 20 years but if you are hitting the wall, tearing your hair out and are in danger of actually becoming stark raving mad then you need the services of Niamh O’Reilly.

Sleep problems with babies and toddlers can be the result of a lack of routine or food and behavioural issues which Niamh can observe, analyze and find a solution that will work for you. Specifically in the case of sleep training, Niamh will come to your home and observe the sleep time routines either day or night, spend a few hours with the family and draw up a tailor made plan – there is no ‘one fix fits all’ as each family’s needs are unique. Niamh will give practical advice, reassurance and simple yet effective techniques to help you deal with the various challenges thrown at you. Sometimes, all a family needs is some structure and some practice at working together to get back on track and Niamh can give you the confidence to do just that.

Niamh is a godsend. Her kind, gentle, practical and approachable manner makes her the perfect candidate to help you on the path to a calmer and happier family life. Don’t let your lives be dictated by the one wearing the nappy…with a little professional, practical and friendly help from Niamh, you can take back control and bring up your child with the confidence and reassurance that you are doing things right (or at least right enough that it works for you and your family!).