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So, everyone around you says you should do something to change the night-time antics with your little one.  But, you don’t know what to change. Or you don’t know how to change them. Or maybe you are happy with things as they are and could do without the earful!

As I always say, “If it aint broke, don’t fix it”. So if waking at night or isn’t a problem for you, then that’s exactly it. IT’S NOT A PROBLEM. FOR YOU.

But for lots of people, disruptive nights that don’t really show any signs of improvement over time can really take their toll on a family. Whether you are first-time parents or you’ve been down the road before, it doesn’t get easier and maybe, just maybe, a little helpful nudge in the right direction might encourage you to think about making a change.

New Years’ imminent arrival makes us all wonder about the things we would like to change to make a difference in our lives. Maybe it’s time to make Sleep one of the priorities on your list. (I know I am aiming to get a little more)! You don’t have to resign yourselves to the fact that your little one is simply a poor sleeper – maybe they just need some gentle guidance (and you might benefit from gentle but ever-present support from me)

No more mixed messages. No more “trying everything but giving nothing a chance”. And definitely NO CONTROLLED CRYING techniques.

Drop me a line. See how we can make a change together. It’s brought sleep-filled nights to many as you can see below.

Don’t put it off any longer. Do it!


 “Niamh is very professional. We got our first son sleeping through the night with her guidance. It has really improved his humour, not to mention ours! Thank you Niamh!” Katherine

“Niamh is amazing she was such a help to me with my 2nd and 3rd child”! Maeve

“Thanks so much again for all your help with Grace. She’s like a new child & seems to love her new routine!! Sleeping thru from 7pm till 6am most nites & the odd nite she wakes I just settle her once & she goes straight back to sleep!! She’ll also sleep for over an hour after her lunch too! It’s like a new house & such a such a relief to us!! Thanks again & I’ll be highly recommnding you to anyone who needs help!! This is my favourite time of the year & I feel we can really enjoy it now that Grace is sleeping!!”

“One year on and we havent looked back. Thanks Niamh for all your help and support! Ciara

Featured Image Credit: photo credit: satakieli via photopin cc

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