A lovely recommendation 2

My little buddy

My little buddy

I just found this in my drafts and wondered why it never got posted!

But, by way of an update, this little girl is a legendary sleeper. We never had to consider any sleep work (but maybe that’s because I was looking after her for two days a week over the last two years!). Her doting Granny looked after her the rest of the week and between us, we had it sussed.

She is about to become a big sister in 2015. Fingers crossed Number 2 will be equally as amazing!! X

Niamh advised us on sleep routines and general infant care when our grandchild was 5 months old and her Mum had to go back to work. 
She gave us, experienced grandparents – (one a child psychotherapist) and the baby’s parents – (one a doctor) the confidence to enjoy our baby – She simply whisked our worries away!
Niamh is inspirational in her dedication to healthy lifestyles for babies. She places good sleep routines at the core of things and thereby puts families on the best track possible. 
She has a deep and sincere belief in the value of healthy lifestyles for babies and in the capacity families have for achieving them  – from this source she inspires each and every family she meets. 
The babies she sets onto the secure and healthy path are massive testimony to her skill, devotion and faith in things going well being best for all. Such a gift! Niamh operates from an ethic of  putting Families First – She not only profoundly cares about supporting and caring for babies and their families – but she puts her considerable knowledge, her skills, her care and her support into action – ever and always pragmatic.
Marie and Barry Dillon

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2 thoughts on “A lovely recommendation

  • sharon

    Hi ive a 3 year old boy and an 8 month old boy also. My 3 year old is thankfully a good sleeper but my baby is a very bad sleeper. He just doesnt settle and we could be up and down to him anywhere between 3 to 10 times a night. Ive tried so many things and myself and my hubby are just exhausted at this stage. I know he is still young but if u could help at all i would love some advice. Thanks sharon